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Monday, April 19, 2004

Thai Style Spicy & Tangy Chicken

Before I left for my road trip, I casually mentioned(well maybe not that casual..I was practically screaming on my foodblog lol) I was going to make assam(tamarind) fish.Well, I regretfully didn't have the time to gather my assam fish ingredients that week so i kinda had to abolish the idea.

Today, Hubs and I dropped by another oriental store( named Manila) downtown to purchase some ingredients for tonight's dinner.On the spur of the moment, i decided that i would cook thai style spicy & tangy chicken instead because getting a good size fish in my state is virtually impossible if not pricey as there're no nearby oceans.I know, how sad.Anyway, we scored gai choy, red onion, white onion, cilantro and 2 rice bowls there.Each rice bowl costed US0.99 tax inclusive.I wonder if i had gotten a great deal.We couldn't find fresh chillies but i stored a bottle of sambal olek( a blend of red chillies,salt,vinegar,sugar) in my fridge so it was all good=)

I sweated one diced red onion, white onion and cilantro on a heated wok with some olive oil and added a couple of tablespoonsful of the sambal olek.Stir fried until the spices were fragrant.Put in half a cut up chicken and sliced eggplant.Browned the chicken, then poured in enough lowfat milk to cover the ingredients.Allowed the chicken in spicy gravy to simmer over medium heat for a good half an hour or so.Then 3 tablespoons of fish sauce.Added in some tamarind and sugar.Served the chicken dish with white fluffy jasmine rice.[My husband enjoyed the dish a lot.]

We also had a stir fry gaichoy dish on top of that.I wanted something light and clean to balance out the chicken dish.

No picture of our entire meal today sorry.

Made a nice fulfilling salad last night and a tuna and cheese sandwich(toasted bread) for lunch today.Hubs assembled ham, tuna and cheese sandwich(?weird but i think that tasted rather good).Salad recipe can be found a few posts back.Goodnight=)

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