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Saturday, March 27, 2004

Indian Curry Chicken

My last post for tonight will be indian curry chicken i tried to replicate a few nights back.Oh i can't describe how much i adore indian cuisine!Their fragrant spices, spicy creamy curries and masalas right down to the basmati rice...everything is so tasty.*drool*

Indian curry chicken with potatoes/Collard greens stir fry in oyster sauce.

Indian curry chicken recipe(simplied style)
I find chicken curry tastes better if you allow the ingredients to simmer low to medium heat for about an hour.


Half cut-up chicken

5 russet potatoes or any starchy potatoes to make the gravy creamy(peeled and cut up... i hear yukon gold potatoes are good but not cost-effective for me)

Low fat milk( you can substitute with 2 cups coconut cream and 1 cup canned chicken broth)

8 shallots or pearl onions

Abt 5 to 6 large tablespoons of indian curry powder( middle-eastern or indian grocery stores)

1 tablespoonful red chilli powder( mine is Laxmi brand...middle-eastern or indian grocery stores)

2 flat tablespoons of salt

Handful of coarsely chopped cilantro

1) 5 to 6 good sprays of fat free olive oil in a large stock pot.Fry chopped shallots in the heated oil till fragrant then add potatoes.Pour in milk till it just covers the potatoes, cover the pot with a lid.

2) When the potatoes are half( abt 15mins or so) done, add in the chicken,curry powder and red chilli powder.Stir.Cover with the lid.Let the ingredients slowly simmer on medium to low heat for a good 45 mins to an hour.

3) 1 minute b4 completion sprinkle 2 flat tablespoons of salt.Mix thoroughly.Add cilantro, mix and serve.

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