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Monday, March 29, 2004

Dinner at my favourite vietnamese restaurant

Vietnamese cuisine is actually pretty similar to chinese.I tried one of their dry-toss noodles a couple of months back and was pleasantly surprised to find it tasted EXACTLY the same or better than asia's shui(2) jiao(3)[wontons wrapped with shrimps and chestnuts] noodles.The sauce was flavourful and full-bodied.I could tell a lot of work went into making it.If i have to guess, they probably added some pork broth in there.Not just simply mixing your typical soy sauce, chilli, vinegar and what-have-yous.Fairly pricey though at 6usd per bowl but it was a huge bowl filled with lotsa shui jiao, veggies, mushrooms etc i didn't mind parting with the money.The husband had pork legs noodle soup.He was happily slurping the food so i guess that should be great too.Thinking back, he didn't even make a squeak throughout that meal. When the husband doesn't speak during eating means the food is darn shioks you see.Sorry, no pics of the noodles.Will try to take the next time.

I have other piccies from the restaurant...

Important condiments that compliment asian food.Bottle with the green cap is viet's garlic chilli sauce other than that the rest of the dipping sauces are common to all chinese household.

Hotpot(lousy resolution picture from last year).A seafood hotpot with seafood broth and maybe some lighter fuel thrown in as well.I ate this last night.So good! Must have during winter!

Garlicy sweet sesame oil dip(for ingredients in the hotpot)

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