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Saturday, March 27, 2004

Char Kway Teow!

Funny how being in a place with no access to delicious asian foods trains you to cook.Below is something i experimented awhile ago when i had a huge craving for char kway teow and the chinese restaurants here couldn't quite prepare the same way as the ones in asia.

Fried Kway Teow


3 quarters of 1 pound pack of dried kway teow noodles(same as the Vietnamese dried my-tho noodles)

Half pound large prawns with shells

Half pound jumbo squids( coarsely cut)

one quarter pack of snail meat( ssssnails??Yes's normally in the frozen food section of oriental markets)

3 lap cheong( Sliced.Also in the frozen food section of oriental markets)

Half pound Chai Xin( Dunno the english name sorry)

1 cup of bean sprouts

2 sprigs of green onion finely chopped

A handful of springs of cilantro coarsely chopped( Don't miss this ingredient, it really makes a difference to the dish)

2 large eggs(beaten)

4 cloves minced garlic

4 tablespoons sweet soy sauce( kecap manis)

2 tablespoons dark soy sauce

2 large tablespoonsful red chilli paste( Normally comes in jar..choose the one with shrimp paste in it.The one i am using is Indonesian's Sambal Gandaria)

1 tablespoon oyster sauce

1 teaspoon salt

Healthy dashes of white pepper

1)Add dried kway teow noodles to a pot of boiling water.When it's just done(not overally cooked or it'll break apart whilst stir frying).Drain the hot water out and "shock" the noodles in cold water to stop the cooking process.

2)6 good sprays of fat-free olive oil.A tasty alternative will be using peanut oil, frying healthy servings of cubed pork fat then using that oil to cook your ingredients[ I skipped that step, sliding metabolism does weird things to my decision making;)].Fry your lap cheong.When it's done, add garlic and green onions.Stir fry till fragrant, then toss in all your seafood.Add sweet soy sauce, dark soy sauce, oyster sauce, red chilli paste and pepper.When the seafood is 3 quarters cooked, mix in beaten egg.Complete cooking seafood.

3)Add the chai xin vegetables and stir fry till it's just wilted.Toss in bean sprouts then mix in the kway teow noodles and stir evenly.Add in cilantro and stir.

4)1 minute before completing the dish add the 1 teaspoons salt to flavour the food.

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